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Reshel Shah Kapoor

"Alexis had trained under me for a while and during his time I have seen him grow his skills and abilities to a high standard. Alexis takes direction very well, while also being able to think on his own and therefore has a strong understanding of story development. His editing software skills have grown vastly and during his time worked on multiple projects as the main editor, projects that have also won awards. Overall I believe Alexis has a great future in post-production in film & TV and will be an asset to any project and team in the near future."


Reshel Shah Kapoor

Documentary Film Director

Robert Pereña

"Alexis was one of my film students in SAE Institute Dubai, and a very keen and reliable one at that. He excelled the most in post production, and was often his batch’s go to editor for their projects. A good listener who provides the results that clients need, Alexis is one of the few editors I know who I would highly recommend to anyone."

Robert William Anchuvas Pereña

Film Lecturer/Editor

Axel Jusserand

"Alexis is an incredible person to work with. I immediately

felt that I could rely on him during the postproduction phase.

His great sense of organization, technical knowledges on NLEs

and workflows, visual storytelling and narration were a great

add value to the final project. He’s always up to exchange,

being a force of proposal, within the respect of the client’s

requirements and deadlines. I strongly recommend him and hope

to work with him again."

Axel Jusserand

Natalie Clements

"Alexis trained as an editor with me during an international film making project. His attention to detail and thorough working attitude is excellent. He is focused and committed to each project he has been involved in and is a great asset to anyone looking to create content."


Natalie Clements

Director Producer

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