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I am a french Cardiff-based Edit Assistant who graduated with a Bachelor in Film in Dubai, UAE, in 2019, then followed by a Master of Arts in Film Editing in Cardiff in 2022.

My background has led me to learn how to adapt to whatever situations may arise within the world of post-production, and with a developed passion with the Welsh Film & TV industry, I strive to keep working in it on the long-term.

My main Edit Assistant experience is within the Factual Entertainment and Continuing Drama genres, and I aim to keep getting more experience.

In my free time, I also am one of the founders for an online charity gaming marathon called Bingothon, running since 2018, for which I have made many videos that you can view on my projects page, which pushed me to keep working and improving my professional skills as an editor.

Likewise on my free time, I am also a volunteer year-round member of the marketing team for European Speedrunner Assembly, where I am responsible for much of their video content both during their two events per year as well as social media promotion during the rest. You may see more about that on my projects page.

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